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Default Indonesia flight JT610 crash Oct 29 2018

The 2nd black box, the cockpit voice recorder, of Indonesia flight JT610 crash (one of the new Boeing 737-MAX) has just been found. I have a vested interest in what is heard. Each and every time an aircraft goes down anywhere in the world all of my friends and I hold our breath. (By the way... we also held our breath after shuttle accidents.) This is the first downing of a 737-MAX.

I designed a control panel on the new 737-MAX (two units per aircraft). I hold the patent on a mechanism I invented which we contracted to be manufactured for this project. There are four of these 'parts' on every 737-MAX.

My friends and co-workers designed basically everything else on the MAX flight deck. The 737 aircraft is the biggest seller commercial passenger aircraft EVER worldwide in all its various iterations since inception. The MAX is the most recent 'maximum effeciency' version.

While I know my control panel design or my 'part' did not crash the aircraft... we all wait with shallow breathing to hear the outcome.
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