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Originally Posted by Mort View Post
Dave bro . Lol its "Thread" not "tread"

Invest in blue loctite. It keeps your axles where they are supposed to be without having to over torque your parts.
Loctite is not required, especially with those of us that change their wheels so often (3-4 times per week, when I go from indoor to outdoor skating and back and forth). Constantly applying and removing would be a huge PITA. I've owned a bunch of inline skates with different frames/axles and have never had a wheel come off (knock on wood). I'm pretty good at checking my equipment. Even frames that have the axles tighten on different sides (one frame's axles tighten on the left and the other on the right). For the type I just described, you have to check to make sure that bearings aren't getting frozen to axles on frame that's axles tighten on the left, or the axles may come loose on their own. These include Powerslide, Liberty Sports, and a couple others.

However, the worst issue is over-tightening inline axles and stripping the threads in the frames. There is a 4mm allen wrench out there that has a built-in torque wrench that prevents over-tightening.
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