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Outdoor wheels. I love skating outdoors, and have a set of Atom Pulses that I currently use. (going to get some of those bigger orange wheels, when I remember what they are!) Anyway, they have recently re-asphlated our neighborhood streets and it is a nice surface. Only slightly rougher than the river path I use at times. Great to be able to go right out the door on skates. I am still working on the stopping part when on a downhill. Fortunately my street is not very busy, and I usually zig-zag pretty hard until I get close to the bottom and can feel safe going around the corner!
Yes, falling hurts. More as you get older. Been skating almost 50 years now and it hurts a little more than it used to. I do wear all the gear, including a bum saver when I skate outside. Been warm here in OKC, so an evening or two I attack the street with one or two of my kids.
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