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Default Tips for a beginner

So I laced up my skates and went outside.
I discovered a few things:
  • Skating outdoors, over pine needles, twigs and broken paving is not like skating on a rink.
  • Falling down hurts.
  • Even a very slight downhill results in an alarming turn of speed, so much so that braking is needed to avoid warp-factor speeds.
  • When standing at the top of some steps and holding onto the handrail, keep skates locked in a T position.
  • Falling down stairs hurts.
  • I have no dignity left. Small children see me coming and cry. Parents turn ashen-faced, clutch their offspring and hurry away.

Skating is fun.

Not sure why I'm struggling with basic skills like T-stop. Maybe I need to bend my knees more? How bent and how low should I go? Are there any rough guidelines.

I've been told about a flat smooth level track a mile away so will try to get to that on the weekend.
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