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Actually, my current set up is (in my eyes) pure perfection. I'm in love with my skates. All I had to do was get a harder wheel for sliding and spinning on one foot (and loosen the action).

The TRUTH is that I'd LOVE a pair of Riedell 172 boots, solely because they look sooooooooo cool. Some of my favorite skaters skate on those, and we skate similarly. They bought their boots and frames separately. Most of them (on that boot) have Snyder plates. So I've been looking at those Snyder frames. Here's what I've found....
Most of those are either 10 degree or 45 degree. I believe my friends have the 10 degree, but they don't do cones. Also I have a jam plug. My friends don't have any toe stop at all. Do you have an opinion on that?

My real dream was the Roll Line Matrix, but then I saw that $800 price tag! Plus I don't see anyone on 172's with Roll Lines. It looks like at the rinks I frequent, they mostly have the Roll Line's on an art-type boot. So I think I've narrowed it down to a 172 Riedell boot with some type of Snyder plate. I'm thinking a 10 degree plate with soft cushions and I'd loosen the action.

Do you have any opinion on jam plug verse no stopper at all? Have you ever made that switch? I do a lot of spins where I put my right toe down on the floor while I sit and spin my left leg around and vice versa. Is my jam plug crucial for that?

I'm only asking you because you seem like a great resource. Again, I'm sorry if I'm making you nuts. I'm dying now because I didn't know what you were referring to SEDS! HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA...... IT'S SOOOOOO TRUE

I come from 30 years of slalom inline skating (that's why I always call the plate a "frame"). I thought I was having fun until I made the transition to quads. Now I know true love. HA!
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