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This break shows the weakness of this BAD DESIGN concept that uses a tapered head bolt to lock the adjuster nut by wedging up into the bottom of a split end kingpin. The process of drilling, tapping and splitting the lower end of the kingpin greatly weakens its ability to resist bending forces at that point. When the break starts right at the end of the slits, this is the weakest spot where the cross section area of kingpin metal has been reduced by all this really unnecessary machining there.
Just give me plain old THIN NYLOCK nuts for my action adjusters, and leave my kingpins as SOLID METAL from end to end.

I will soon be making new kingpins for my PowerTracs just to make sure this kind of a break does not happen to me.
Once I know how fast I can make them, I may offer them to other concerned skaters. Email me if you are interested.

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