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Default Plates for speed and manoeuvrability

I'm looking for quad plate recommendations for size 11 Riedell 495 boots, for skating mostly in outdoor parks with a mix of speed, freestyle and dance moves. I want skates that will not be wobbly at speed, but can also have good manoeuvrability with tight turns. Not planning on jumps. Prefer lighter model plates. Previously I've done inline speed skating on Bont Jets.

The plates that seem interesting so far are:
- Pilot Falcon
- Roll Line Mistral
- Roll Line Giotto (not sure if I'll need a toe stop)
- Labeda Proline

Are any of these not going to be suitable for speed or freestyle? Any other recommendations?

My weight: 80kg (176 pounds)
Height: 190 cm (6'2")
Budget: up to $400 / 260
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