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Smile Ice Skaters

I think the people that seem to be most enthused about inline figure skating are the ice skaters and coaches for a number of reasons including being able to practice for free or cheaply off the ice or where there is limited or no ice. This can be done on quad skates also, but ice skaters and coaches seem to me to know little about artistic quad skating.

It used to be years ago that many of the high-level ice skaters would compete on quads in the summer because there was no ice. The ice skaters don't typically do quads today, but they seem to more often do inlines.


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Yes, I agree that the toe rake design is probably not a good idea.....though, like I said, to be fair, I didn't try a pair so I can't say for sure....

However... I am glad that ice skaters are beginning to pay more attention to inline...In my opinion, that is always a good thing.
Maybe I am wrong, but I still feel ice is our best way to gain attention/popularity for our sport. From what I see on youtube, it looks like at least 2 of the top inline men skate/preform on ice (Urquia, Baturin), and Melanie Bernhard (Swiss ladies champ) also preforms on ice.
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