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Inline is definitely a bit closer in feel to ice than quad...Still, a lot different, though (especially the spins).....
Joe, thought you mentioned once that Michael Weiss has used inline. Am I right? Also, I saw an interview on rolaboi's site with the Belgium champion, Kevin van der Perrin (incredible jumper. Has the quad.). He uses inline to help practice his jumps. So that is 2 elite skaters. Too bad a big name could not "adopt" our cause. It would help a lot with exposure in ice world and may encourage some of them to try both/cross over........maybe.....(especially those with less $).
Only problem is that there are very few roller rinks around anymore and, of the ones that are left, only a handful have clubs or even allow freestyle. (And if they do, it's usually once a week on a Sunday morning. Nothing like ice availability.)
My own experience: Only one roller rink in town and it doesn't want "that kind of skating" on the floor during session. They do not have an artistic club and are not interested in starting one.
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