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Okay, I've been preoccupied. Spend most of my time on ice now. The figure skaters asked me to join a synchro team. So after cracking up HARD and swearing my boyfriend to secrecy I went to a few practices. (BTW...just know that if you're a girl and any good at skating it's not long before someone will try to stuff you into a tutu.)

So yeah I've tried on my quads a few times and they fit perfect. You're going to think I'm crazy but I liked the rental skates better!!! Why??? The best I can describe it is that maybe the trucks were more loose. The leather was old and had no firmness. The skates themselves were really wobly and that was a great thing for slalom type moves. They seemed faster as well. Someone at the rink said it could be the cushions or bushings? Any ideas? I think I'll post on the other sections too. Thanks in advance.
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