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The skate park I went to last has closed down. Damn shame. rolled my quads there once and did not use toe stops. Honestly I find them annoying. They do a poor job of stopping and going compared to laterals\hockey stops. I don't trust having toe stops on ramps much the way most derby people wear them.

What's odd is even though I was largely a inline skater growing up going back on quads... I still searched for those blasted toe stops even when the inlines I've been skating for years and years don't have them.

What I had to do to ditch them is find ways to stop/brake without them. When I did use toe stop I keep them threaded up as far as possible and out of the way. When you go to use them this lets you get a harder lean on them in my experience, and stop faster or have more traction for taking off.

I bet they could offer cool stalls though if you had them threaded all the way up. I did a rock and roll on the coping at the park but was scared to damage my plates finish, should have stuck some stoppers in and tried it.
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