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Originally Posted by Mort View Post
I want the boot to become part of my skin as much as possible, this means LOTS of friction interface between my foots skin, the sock, as well as the boot and the sock. The more friction tue less likelyhood there will be any slippage. Understand?

Also heat is the byproduct of friction during a movement of 2 objects, be it rotors and disk brakes or our feet and the boot. Its actually a lack of friction and uneven pressure distribution that causes a slip, and that causes accelerated wear and blisters .
One thing I'd like to add to this is that if you're slipping anyway, extra friction is going to cause a mad blister.

How did we get on the topic of orthotics anyway??? What's going to help for rougher surfaces is extra padding and/or shock absorption, not rigid support... EDIT: besides suspension, plate action, wheel hardness/diameter, etc...
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