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Default Heliums suck outdoors on rough/stoney surfaces & debond from hub too easily

Here are two sets of Heliums - one set rolled 100% outdoors 300+ miles and one set rolled mostly indoors. The cuts in outdoor set urethane are more visible in person than in the PICs.

Note how the too-thin amount of urethane causes it to be over stressed, especially around the hub's protruding lateral lock ring, where the glowing neon blue-green color indicates debonding.

If the urethane is bonded, the orange orange color of the hub shows through the transparent urethane. If the urethane debonds, the air layer that forms causes internal reflections and the "glowing" blue-green color.

Both the indoor and outdoor wheels show developing debonding, more so with the outdoor ones, where a few show hub protruding ring debonded all the way around the wheel.

Indoor wheel set debonding is mainly on sides of the protruding ring, which does not much alter performance until the debond zone climbs up and over the top of the rib.

The outdoor wheel all show a high concentration of cuts, with some very large and deep right over the protruding ring.

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