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As you notice, 120 people have looked at your post, but, everyone here uses quad roller skates and skates in circles, indoors.
Very few use inline skates, and fewer play hockey. As I recall, one member posts links to the yearly hockey final's competitions, but not lately.

Roller derby is favored over hockey, pity, hockey is fun, no one gets injured, it takes skill (I played ice hockey from 3-15 years old), and any age can participate, roller derby on the other hand has a lifetime season of one and a half years, yes, 1 1/2 years before injury retires a roller derby player, it's a nonsense game, you skate in a circle and try to injure the other team, it doesn't come up much here because the players turn over so fast, now and then a new player posts for a short period, then, oops, injured.
Of course the people that coach are around, they are always recruiting, they need more "fresh blood", anyway, seek advice from your team mates, watch what the most prolific players use for equipment and have fun.
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