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What is the name of your favorite roller derby league or team?
We are the Gem City Rollergirls of Dayton, Ohio (first in flight, baby!)

Is it a flat track or banked track team?
Flat Track

Is your team a member of WFTDA, OSDA, USARS, or any other skating federation?

When was your team founded?
Beginning of 2006; "re-founded" in 2007

Who were the founders?
Originally, Helen of DesTroy. Then Seoul Sister, Cherry Tart and Mandi Mayhem picked up the mantle and kept the league alive.

What is your team's home city? (city, state/province/region, country)
Dayton, OH

Where does your team practice? (rink? city park?)
Skateworld of Kettering - wood floor

Where are your public bouts held?
Skateworld and South Metro Sports Complex in Centerville

Are all ages encouraged to attend your bouts or is there an age limit?
We're an all-ages group

Who coaches your team?
Harry Brawls and Scotch Bonnet

What do your team uniforms look like?
Purple shirts with white stripes, black bottoms, purple striped socks. (For the Pistol Whips, our WFTDA 14 team)
Gem City Rollergirls
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