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What is the name of your favorite roller derby league or team?
San Diego Roller Derby's Starlettes

Is it a flat track or banked track team?
Flat Track

Is your team a member of WFTDA, OSDA, USARS, or any other skating federation?
USARS & we adhere to the WFTDA rules of play

When was your team founded?
July 2008

Who were the founders?
the most rockin'ist Lady Diesel

What is your team's home city? (city, state/province/region, country)
San Diego, California

Where does your team practice? (rink? city park?)
Skateworld Roller Rink in Linda Vista, the last legit rink in SD county.

Where are your public bouts held?
Home games are played at Skateworld.

Are all ages encouraged to attend your bouts or is there an age limit?
Oh yeah! We're very family friendly.

Who coaches your team?
Newbie skater - Coach Harry
Advance derby skills - Coach Brett
Proper skating/speed skating - Coach Gary

What do your team uniforms look like?
Black shorts/skirt with silver stars on the side with a black t-shirt with the "Starlettes" logo on the front along with black leggings, fishnets, tights, etc and black or silver knee high socks.

Does your team have a Web site or a MySpace page? or
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