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* What is the name of your favourite roller derby league or team?
Romsey Town Rollerbillies

* Is it a flat track or banked track team?
Flat (there aren't any banked tracks in the UK. Yet)

* Is your team a member of WFTDA, OSDA, USARS, or any other skating federation?
UKRDA & play to current WFTDA rules

* When was your team founded?
Feb 2008

* Who were the founders?
Various skaters, most of whom are still with us, yay!

* What is your team's home city?
Cambridge, UK

* Where does your team practice? (rink? city park?)
We were all over the place until we recently secured our very own warehouse. The first league in Europe to have our own full-time training space! We're very proud of it & happy to be able to train more.

* Where are your public bouts held?
Because of lack of venues in Cambridge we've not had one yet. The massively dedicated venues officer has finally managed to convince the only space in Cambridge that's big enough to hold a bout (Kelsey Kerridge sports centre) to give us a chance. First home game in autumn! Woop!

* Are all ages encouraged to attend your bouts or is there an age limit?
All ages, please!

* Who coaches your team?
The training committee; there's a lot of us! We're just reshuffling but will be taking it in turns to lead different sessions & different abilities.

* What do your team uniforms look like?
Acid green leopard print and as much spandax as we can cover our bodies in!

* Does your team have a Web site or a MySpace page?
Of course - just search for Romsey Town Rollerbillies or head over to

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