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Default So what's really happenig to skating (maybe bit off topic)

Not having been around but doing massive research for the past month or so tells me I was part right in some of what I've said about skating getting very expensive.. Not just for skaters ... i.e., skate prices but also skating in general. 1. Outside Skating .. why pay to go to a rink when you can get a pair of cheap skates and skate outside. Makes it easy to skate anytime you want for as long as you want. Why still have sessions in rinks unless you are one of the luck one who live near a rink that is innovative and keeps people coming in, in numbers.. Only reason for sessions is so clubs have time or you need space because you have too many skaters at any given time. (2.) Competitive Skating Events Attendance:... I was informed that national and even world events held in the USA where there were 3000 people before it now like 300. What coverage does skating get in the media now.. Why aren't the manufactures pushing to get coverage on ESPN or ABC Sports and the like. Other countries are getting coverage and skating is doing well in those places. ..To get competitive skaters skaters need to be able to buy their skates and once they get recognized the manufactures need to pick up the slack to help these people compete. (3.) Rink owners don't seem to care like they used to: Owners get together with suppliers and manufacturers and promote skating as a healthy way to lose weight and stay out of the hospital with heart disease, diabetes, stroke... and numerous other ailments. Promote promote promote and if you are tired of the rink get attendance up and sell the business... Promote CLUBS Do LESSONS TEACH

I'm sure there are more points I could make but these 3 just might help keep rinks open and even get a few built. Skating is not dead all over it's just sick in the states... Maybe if we had more constructive places for kid to go and grow up we wouldn't have as many problems like drugs etc.. It really has to start with rink owners and manufacturers working together to promote rinks, championship events and get some coverage on the tube...

Sorry but didn't know where else to put it...
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