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Exclamation Help with 695 boots

I posted this in the wanted to buy section. I don't know how often that gets read, or by how many people.

I currently wear Riedell 220 figure boots size 8 medium width. They are too tight. Width wise, and possably length wise. I've worn them for years, so they do fit but like a glove. I couldn't get them tighter if they were molded to my feet. They've streched to accommodate my feet, but the last six months, about half way thru the skate session my feet have started to get tingly across the ball of my foot. I also have some Reidell 265 OG speed boots size 8 medium I haven't skated yet. I did try them on, and they also seem too tight width wise, and possably length wise. With absolutly NO toe room. Like my big toe is being cinched down against the sole of the boot. The rest of the toes-OK. I have a set of Riedell 220 figure boots in 9 wide off a set of ice skates, just like brand new. I tried them on and they seem loose, as compaired to my other boots. Too loose to skate, I don't know. I want to try on some 695 boots in a 8, and 9 wide. Anybody close to 44691 have some I can try on? I'm thinking about going to Skater's Edge in Cleveland to get my feet measured. But that won't let me know how the 695 boots feel on my feet. Any suggestions?
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