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Another perspective (to the post below, which was the post above before being changed):

Efforts are underway to have 2 (or more) Tampa area outdoor skate races. One probably will be the traditional Squiggy Inline Marathon at Flatwoods, probably with Birgit as the key leader. Thanks! Breeze, as he says, is working to add another, separate from the Squiggy festival, and perhaps at a different venue. Two races are better than one! And there's actually yet another, the Tampa Classic, March 20-23, although this is mostly indoors, and the outdoor races are the types favored by the better speedskaters.

The bike club says they do want skaters as part of their event. Their having 2 or more skate events proves to me that they do, although their discussions saying they do want us seem sincere, so that's another reason I believe they do want us.

Yes, the venue management does ask $10 per skater for this event, which I believe will be included in the race registration fee. (Note that you can skate the trail anytime you want for the standard park use fee/free, except when the venue is reserved for a special event.) This $10 is much less than skate races pay for most venues. But what we as skaters care about is whether the total event cost is reasonable, considering the quality of the event. You make that call!

So, thanks to Breeze for getting this started. We wish you the best in further starting a race separate from Squiggy. And we look forward to seeing many skaters at the traditional Squiggy race also!

P.S. I don't think it's appropriate to write the Governor or even County Commissioners about a skate race, LOL.
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