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Originally Posted by matguy View Post
Keep in mind that if you like a stiff suspension a Laser can't be torqued down very tight. (At least on the ones I had) The threads the king-pin screws in to are just the nylon, so they can jump threads. I've heard of people putting in steel threads (which I would expect would require a smaller thread king pin, otherwise you're losing a lot of the material around the threads, which makes up the base of the plate... but, I just shrugged at the guy that suggested it and let it go), but I wouldn't.

I know, I know, leave your suspension loose... It's just info for people that are expecting certain things.
Torquing down your suspension is not really the best way to accomplish action setup firmness. Firmer cushions is what give the best results for having a firmer action setup. Once your action nut takes up all the truck's looseness wiggle, you only want to go about a turn further.

Laser plates, despite their being nylon, are simply way too heavy. Their narrowness also means that when mounting on leather soles the boot still rocks laterally on the plate too much, even with the too-thin sole and heel platforms screwed to the sole. Their use of heavy (1/4") elevator bolts going through the centerline of the plate for mounting is extremely ineffective for establishing lateral flex rigidity between them.

The 45 degree steeper action plates, like Avenger and Arius, are less stable than the 0-15 degree steep kingpin (shallower action) plates like PowerTrac, Boen, ProLine etc. Stability is an important feature to have in a speed skate when taking turns at the highest possible speeds.

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