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Go for it... Happy Skating...

Well ..being in the process to get my inline frames too... just bought the new boots to replace my super tight wifa ones on my ice figure blades...SP-Teri Super Deluxe 570... next tiem is to get the inline boots..microfiber from Belati model Piuma good value..269USD, EDEA FLY is around 500USD...after getting the microfiber boots Ill get the frames... and then xtra wheels and bearings... cant wait to share with you guys all the process...including on how to survive under the Brazilian red tape ...

Take care ya ll.. Pls keep on sharing the news ...still need suggestions for wheels...ranalli used to be 100s hardness..dotn think we have that on inline wheels and they wont do agood job either,I guess...perhaps I mustget 84 hardness..need wheels with good grip and thatallows metostop and spin as well..on inline I guess whees are even more crucial...what a marathon!!


RIO...awaiting for you guys on the PANAM Games..Get together...pack your stuffs and come down to ska8, stand up for US and Brasil..and of coursehave lots of fun
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