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Originally Posted by The Major View Post
re-verse, there will be a casual element. It will be for skaters of all abilities. There will be a full marathon or 10 mile option. The website will be up very soon. There will be online registration and it will be chip timed.


The course follows the loop created by Erhart Rd, Gilmer Rd, and Fremont Ctr Rd. You can't make it back to town for a few days?
Had I know about it earlier, I may have joined you guys to either volunteer or do the 5 mile single speed bike race.

We'll be on vacation -- yes a vacation! But, and there is always a but, Mark will be doing a 1/2 ironman and i'll be doing a sprint tri that weekend.

I emailed Carol about this and she seemed interested in volunteering(?) Email her and ask.
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