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I don't race quads and I will never use another roll line wheel again. I do not trust their urethane for 1, and firmly believe ATOM has better quality. I will say nothing bad about their hubs, nice stuff, but the urethane is too thin, so when it goes to deform at all it reaches its flexibility limit and because of the splines they use in the wheel for bonding, it causes compressive waves as the wheel rotates with no room for the urethane to squirm away so there is virtually no rebound to them, since the urethanes compression is virtually prohibited by the setup its being used in on the heliums. Ursle, they are a terrible wheel, both indoors and out. I highly recommend you get some atom poisons used off a derby girl so you can see the light.

My poisons are beat down pretty bad and as anyone who has skated for a long time knows, after urethane has been abused for a while it does lose some performance. The atoms still trump the roll lines both indoors and out even with the urethane to hub bonding issue, and their less rigid hubs. This just shows that thicker urethane (to a point of course) performs better when wheel compression is part of the rolling equation.

My royal assassins have thinner urethane than the heliums, but they are very hard(95A) and the amount of compression the urethane sees is not the same. This is probably why roll line doesnt know how to make a good outdoor wheel, since most of their wheels are harder.

Also the royal assassins use 16mm bearings, and they work great when on a good axle. The bearings die easily on my arius plate though because it does not keep them lined up. 7.6mm bevel where the outside bearing sits vs the 8mm axle where the inside bearing sits puts a hard bind on such a small part. A 608 has more width, and the hubs they go in are not spaced quite as wide as a bont wheel so they dont experience the same issue, so a wear comparison on that alone is not fair. Also a larger bearing has more room for radial and axial internal clearances. I wont completely discredit micros yet, as I havent had enough time to abuse them on a proper setup, and we have had 608s fail as well.

Inlines really arent that much faster, but energy efficient, you betcha. If the goal is exercise, whay does it matter the speed? Most people at a good clip in inlines or quads cannot stop fast.

Expensive bearings(bones ceramics) are a waste of good money, there is no significant benefits. Better to save money and buy more wheels, that is unless your into wasting money just to claim you have expensive bearings.

Skating is much more (for me anyways)fun than cycling. I can use so much more energy on my skates. I can go harder and get more power and exertion out in a shorter amount of time if I wish, and I dont need miles and miles of road. The only thing I can think of that is capable of being more taxing is sprinting on foot, or swimming freestyle stroke at 100%
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