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Originally Posted by Derrick View Post
Bearings kida suck.

Clean bearings

9 times out of 10 your bearings are not as clean as you think you got them.

oil bearings

bearings still suck

See comment above.

buy new bearings (I just buy reds cause I know I'm going to replace them anyway)

I envy you mechanicle types.
So try this. Take your new reds and clean the "speed spooge" out of them. Spray carburetor cleaner is dandy for this purpose. Let 'em dry and pack them with a little grease. You can find all sorts of info on this all over the forum. Ignore the folks that say grease does not work. They either did it incorrectly or were trolling. The grease will greatly minimize your need to clean or replace.

Or if you are running 8mm bearings member the california kid has some good deals on NMB bearings. NMBs are on my list of bearings that work as well or better than the high priced sk8 brands.

Also beware of Bones bearings that are priced too low to be believed. They are fakes made in China. Yeah I know reds are made in China, but these are not authentic Bones.
"The difference between good skates and great skates comes from knowing where to get the numbers."
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