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Atom poison wides, at 62mm tall 44mm wide(which is far from a goood width/height) make the roll lines look like playskool trash. No joke.

As for cutting of thinner urethane, yea it is more likely, but ya just gotta stay away from glass. I had to dig out glass from my Poisons once. The urethane is fairly thick on them and even with the wider wheel displacing weight more than a narrow wheel, it still got cut. It happens. Your outdoors, its going to happen eventually. Hopefully tjough ita not on the edge wjere it makes the wheel split and chunk out.

Ceramics bearings are an infinitely over rated, pricey piece of hogwash. Save your money for more important aspects of skating, like boots, plates, wheels, more bearings, cushions, new laces etc.

I have not seen anyone in this(posted so far) thread skate first hand. So take their mention of anything portraying to skill with a heavy grain of salt. Everyone falls, everyone gets hurt. The only thing I can say with confidence is that most "skaters" keyboarding skill usually exceeds their skating skill.

If theres some derby skaters in your area, go to a practice, see if they have some atom poisons (preferably slim/narrow) that are used, or that they will sell for cheap. Great outdoor wheel for a used price. Im in the market for outdoor wheels as well (hopefully better than the poisons I typically roll), will probably buy up some Atom road hogs. Its in the top of whats available, even considering longboard wheels. Atoms urethane is very good. Their hubs for indoor derby and heavier skaters arent stellar though lots of people have had problems with them. But outdoors, a little hub distortion wont break ya.
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