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Originally Posted by ursle View Post
Thinking Peter principal, but if yer happy, nothing matters,. (To you)

So having proper foot support is out. Orthotic

And friction, heat is good, keeping the foot stuck is good, not that friction isn't heat, but hey, if yer already not properly supported, what's a little heat?

Peter it is
Your an idiot. > Despite being shown many times factual information you continue to ramble on

The foot is the bodys SUPPORT STRUCTURE. Its made to take loads, but if its in poor condition, say like an cosmonauts bones in outerspace. They become weak from not being used. The same is going to happen from a foot that is TOO supported. Our feet are our crutches, they dont need crutches. (As pointed out earlier there are some individuals with physical limitations which cause exceptions)

As for friction, we have been over this.

I want the boot to become part of my skin as much as possible, this means LOTS of friction interface between my foots skin, the sock, as well as the boot and the sock. The more friction tue less likelyhood there will be any slippage. Understand?

Also heat is the byproduct of friction during a movement of 2 objects, be it rotors and disk brakes or our feet and the boot. Its actually a lack of friction and uneven pressure distribution that causes a slip, and that causes accelerated wear and blisters .

Ir you like your insoles /inserts, good, thats your thing. However its not going to help anyone by recommending old "dodo" solutions for people that dont need them in the first place.

I know of NO person other than you who wears slippery socks and puts lotion on their feet to go skate. If thats what ya like, whatever, do it all ya want. Just dont act like it what people need.

So peter principal indeed. Just keep handing out those bandaids, and tell everyone itll help them when there was no real wound to begin with.
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