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for example, the famous velocity race aka rd twister aka rollerskate k2 is the same as a sims wheel but witha very large open hub....same diameterin 65mm, same contact patch...
it s ok for a lighweight or girl for outdoor speed...and the choice of special bearings for them is limited.

you know the sims wheels were used for snakes boards, uk boards.....werent produced at first for classic skate boards and quads at all...
i think the success came from te wheel choice in the 90s ....compared to krypto impulse or the beginning of cruise, maybe they fighted with them and krypto rollo and they were ok....but for me the quality isn t really better than an poor impulse wheel.

but if you want i have 4 pcs of 65mm velocity race and 12 pcs of vr 70mm ...and a set of 7mm special bearings for them for sale.
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