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Originally Posted by nickajshelden View Post
I've been doing cartwheels for a long time. I can also do kips onto my skates, even landing on one foot.
Saw a guy who was at least in his 60's doing cartwheels last night. unfortunately didn't get his name. He also took a few hard falls but just got right back up smiling. I hope the rest of us are like him at his age.
Im 52 my cartwheel is better now. Its more like a land lubber cartwheel. There was a kid who brought two females with him so he was full of bravato. He was a bit shaky on wheels though. I did a cartwheel. He said, I gotta try that! I setteled in for a laugh! But he nailed it. Better than mine. Its like a two foot 360 not hard just guts.
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