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Smile Technology

It's great to see the technology advances in the sport. One of the complaints about inline figure skating over the years was that the technology did not enable the skating to be as good as other forms of skating. I'm seeing a lot of changes from various manufacturers and if the tecnology isn't equal yet, I expect it to get there and perhaps go further. Skaters are getting a lot of choices to match their skills.

I look forward to trying them out at the U.S. Open along with any other new skate designs from other manufacturers that there might be. The challenge is going to be match the best skates for the skater even from the same manufacturer. This will happen through educating the coaches and skaters. It has to be more than word of mouth.

Hopefully many people reading this will attend the U.S. Open May 1 - 3 and increase their knowledge and try out the various skates. Several manufacturers will have skates to try out. See the news at

Joe Kaplenk

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Harmony Sports will have its new rockered 3 wheel frame sets available for test rides at the Chicago open on Friday May 1. Look for them on our web site in about 2 weeks.

The light weight frames have been under development for several months and will be available starting in late April. sizes 7.50, 8.25, 8.75, 9.25, and 9.75.

The P-53 will be have a satin finish. It is equipped with Axel 6.0 wheels and ABEC 3 bearings. Retail $130.00.

The P-73 will be full mirror finish. It is equipped with the new multi pour Spinner Wheels and ABEC-5 bearings. Retail $185.00.

The sport of inline figure skating continues to grow
Thanks to all of you.
Joe Kaplenk
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