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Doc, I gotta say, you were totally right about these Royals! Last night I went to the adult night, which was my 3rd time on them. I brought my old Oberhamer pair with the long XK-4 DA plates with yellow cushions too. I figured I would switch to them for the speed event at the end of the session.

So there I was with the Royals, cutting, darting, keeping up with this one kid half my age that likes to do severe turns and try to lose me. For the first time, he had no way of outperforming me!

Yet, I didn't realize how good these Royals were, because like a frog put into a pan of cool water on a stove, they creep up on you. But then....I switched back to my old pair, which had been put aside for 3 sessions as I got used to these new skates. WAM!

My GOSH it was like night and day! The old pair I've been using for a year, that I thought were perfect, maneuverable, great....had become like driving a semi truck! I could not BELIEVE the difference, they were DOGS compared to the Snyder Royals I had just taken off. I told my wife and the people at the rink, I'm a total convert to Royals, and Docs great mounting job. These new skates are exactly what I needed. Are they as fast on the push speed skating? I don't know or care. They TURN!
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