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Originally Posted by Crash kerPlunket View Post
Well, I have giant feet so long plates were expected on the newbie gear. Those are essentially the skates that I learned on, so while I can't turn quickly without breaking traction, I'm used to them...

That can be remedied..

Ok, so basically if everything were compressed, the axle would end up in the bend in my toes right between the ball and the toe pads? At my big toe, or wherever the front-most part of my foot lands?

Right where the big toe starts. Further forward and you are heading to what the Aussies like..

Italics mine, I'm not quite following...

And Italics don't show up in quote boxes. So I pulled them up in my edit mode.

When I look down at the mounted skate, there should be even amounts of axle sticking out from the left as from the right, in both front and back?

In front only. The inside wheel should stick out in the back. The axis line is through the center of the heel. If you center the rear wheels, the axis line points to the outside of the heel. There are diagrams up all over the forums.. You just have to look for 'em..

I noticed last night that I see a little more wheel on the inside of the skates than the outside, at least up front.

Yeah, that does not surprise me.

Thanks a ton.
No sweat.
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