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Originally Posted by newellcr View Post
Hey Armadillo,

The alphas are coming next week. I want to ride them at the rink before I introduce them to sweet smooth, concrete in the neighborhood. Then I'll introduce them to the acorns. I need some indoor skating reference points wrt wheel hardness, front truck placement, etc. These will help.

Thanks for your informative posts.
Kind Regards,

Your welcome, glad if I can help. Thanks for confirmation of my training theory.

As to the wheels TWISTERS are firm enough to skate OK indoors, but you will need to work a bit more to hold some speed. If you shift the front axle back under the ball of your foot, you may want to leave the 70mm wheels at the rear too, as this will let you lean back more and reduce the chances of front wheel squish/bog effect that soft wheels often give when too much weight goes onto the front ones.

Hope they work well and you enjoy them BOTH Indoors & Outdoors.

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