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I wish I were going. It's a great race.

In terms of the weather, it always seems to either rain at that race or be wet at the start of the race (or have a threat of rain during the race). So, my point is to say, weather always tends to be factor regardless of whether it physically rains or stays dry - because again, rain is always in the forecast. And, oftentimes, skaters spend a lot of time debating equipment choices because they try to predict the conditions.

On the bright side, even if it rains, it's an easy course to skate in the rain. The last time I did it, there was standing water on the roads. There were some heavy downpours while we were skating. Other than a few things here and there, rain didn't have an impact. We were still skating fast and having fun.

My advice would be to use "regular wheels", regardless of the conditions. I can't speak for the 125 wheel options, but I would use a hard wheel from MPC or Atom or even Matter (if you are using 110s). My preferred wheel is the G13, but I tend to use something like the "Booms" if it rains. I think G13s can be a little iffy in wet conditions. But, assuming your technique is relatively good, I definitely wouldn't go for a rain wheel - but that's just me. The only real technical spot on the entire course that might give rain wheels an advantage would be the finish...because it's a 90 degree right-hand turn and that's the only spot where slipping out could cost you placement / time.

Good luck.
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