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Originally Posted by evilzzz View Post
I think a lot of the categories need overhaul.
First, I don't see need for the new Discovery 12 man class. 12, 10, what's the difference.
Endurance should go back to 5 man instead of 6.
Scrap students/enterprise. They are just soft ways to get podiums.
Scrap vet category or at least tighten the rules so that ALL members have to be vets.

Still, I am not really complaining too much. It's about taking part and personal challenge rather than podiums.
With a 12 person group you can distribute shifts a bit more equal over 24 hours. Everyone does 4x 1/2 hour shifts or 2x 1 hour shifts (or whatever) rather than 4x 36 minute shifts or 2x hour and 12 minute shifts, unless you have people that'll run extra shifts, longer shifts, or whatever. Just seems like 12 is a nice number if you want equal shifts out of 24 hours.
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