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I quite agree with all your statement.

But i don't really care about the 10/12 team members. It basically allows people to come as a team with their childrens. If the youngers are not able to have a true shift, then you are still 9 or 10. Plus , childrens are not allowed on the track between 10PM and 8AM I think. They introduced these last year with these propuse.

The fact that some team saw only an new easiest way to the podium and sign in as a 12 team with 12 speed skaters is the really sad thing, I think.

I totally agree with you about the difference between 5 and 6 as enduro.

All other sub categories are crap except for women and vets, the quad one too, since quad skaters did not wait for this category to exist to come to Le Mans on quads. The average speed was 24km/h for the first quad team, 22.3 for mine, which is quite honorable. a lot of inliners would be happy of such speed actually. So I believe we can compete with a lot of Inliners.

But Podium makes peoples happy and nice pictures, and does not cost that much
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