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Default Starfire 500's

Hi everyone

I'm new to skating, and currently have a pair of Starfire 500's... which I bought without knowing much about skating at all. I skate outdoor only, mostly along a beach boulevard.

The reason for this post is I'm not sure I have made the right decision with the Starfires. I've had some problems with either the wheel or toe stops getting caught on debris (I'm only taking little twigs), then I end up nearly tripping and looking like an idiot. Also I've found that when transitioning between surfaces I come a bit unbalanced, there is a part of the boulevard which is smoother than the rest and I feel like I have zero control when rolling on it. I just slow down and get low to avoid falling.

As far as I can tell the boots themselves are alright, they fit pretty well, and the plates seem to be made of solid metal (which I gather is considered best). So what I'm wondering is if I should change to a different set of wheels, or change entirely to a new set of skates (I have had my eye on some Moxi's).

If new wheels... which ones? I'll be mostly outdoors... as there is no rink anywhere near me.

If new skates... which are best (without breaking the bank).
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