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Default Tour de Donut - A real skating challenge

You’ve skated Montreal 24 hrs. Then survived the back to back weekends of NYC100k and A2A. Is there any real insane challenge left for outdoor skating this year?

While it's listed as a cycling race, skaters have done this event in the past and this year is no exception. I know of only one skater for sure who has actually eaten one of the donuts, I'm told she had 4, but will this year bring on a new breed?

Gist is a 28 mile race with donut stops along the way. For every donut you eat 5 minutes is deducted from your time. All for the Make a Wish foundation.

Shicoff was kind enough to run some numbers:

"Assuming a skater could complete the 28-mile course in 1 hour, 39 minutes, then it would be necessary to consume 20 donuts. Since each donut is approximately 217cal, 11g fat, 16g sugar, that would equate to 4340 calories, 220g fat, 320g sugar. Yum!"

Suddenly I feel nauseous!!

Johnny I'm looking at you! Sure you got 3rd solo at Montreal but are you a real man to take on the donuts?

For the truly twisted there is a 55 mile route also with donuts.

Posted just for the fun of it. I have no plans to eat a donut but I will have camera ready along the route in case anyone does.

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