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Default SEDS

Stage 1 SEDS Skate Equipment Deficiency Syndrome......

A sk8r realizes they do not have a particular piece of necessary rare, expensive and /or obsolete sk8 equipment...... This commonly occurs to returning sk8rs that want to re-create their old sk8s or the sk8s they always dreamed of...Their sk8ing pleasure is now deficient...and they are on a quest to get the sk8 item they need to be happy.

Stage 2 SEDS Skate Equipment Dependency Syndrome......

The sk8r has successfully searched high and low and SCORED their needed item...but in the process they pick up a few other items...then a few more and soon the sk8r (now a SEDS victim) is constantly on the prowl for more.... In other words dependent on getting more and better cool sk8ing stuff....

Sk8rs will jump back and forth between Stage 1 and 2. It is a never ending cycle...with NO known cure.....

BEWARE Full blown SEDS can be dangerous to wallets, friendships and sanity in general.....but it sure is fun.......
5/9/2011 Hazards newly noted: SEDS is hazardous to current intimate relationships and may prevent new ones from forming..
9/4/2011 Stage 3 SEDS? Identified by Big Nick and may be exacerbated by too much Vegemite ....
I think I might be developing some horrible mutant third stage of SEDS where I buy things that I think other people need as well as still buying the stuff I know I don't need!
Hopefully this is isolated to kangaroo land... We may require an international quarantine..
"The difference between good skates and great skates comes from knowing where to get the numbers."

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