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I think that in much the same way that Cyclothymia relates to bipolar disorder as BPIII, there is room for another type of SEDS.

Rather than a need to acquire only rare, expensive and /or obsolete sk8 equipment, the patient may feel an overpowering urge to possess the latest, fastest, lightest skate equipment as well.

For example, I already own my Oberhamer/Ultimate III quad setup, but then I did buy them when Roy was still alive, and Mike was still making the plates.
I presently have no desire to part with them.
But see my signature. And now I'm already trying to raise the money to try to get a second pair. Just because they are so freaking killer.
Bont 2-point Magnesium Frames, Various Bont Wheels
, Bont Swiss Bearings, Old Schankel/Simmons boots.

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