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Originally Posted by Rinkrat63 View Post
I am in the early stages of SEDS, thanks to the work that we did on my skates last week . I have been going back and forth as to what I should do about my cracked hanger on my Duper Deluxe's.

Option 1: Do I resurrect my original Chicago Gold medalist plates?

OK They need resurrected.. After that who knows..

Add my current 297 boots, Bones 103A wheels and Fafnir bearings?

We could....

Option 2:Or do I have the Snyder hanger and one of my cups on another hanger fixed and stick with the setup?

That gets pricy.. The pivot cup requires a hanger change as well.. Maybe we get ya new World Dominator... probably be cheaper..

Option 3:Or do I have them fixed and change out the wheels and bearings to the Qube ceramics and the Dubz wheels?

Depends on how they roll now.. You said you tried it... What do you think??

Or option 4: Put my Gold Medalists back on, retire the Snyders and just go with a new Jam skate set up?

Hmm, That could be an option..

At least now I know what I am dealing with, SEDS.

Yeah.... It's hard to avoid with all the sk8 room time you have..

Now I can seek professional help.....Hey Doc when are you available

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