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Yogi, welcome to the SkateLogForum! -- and the quad speed section too.

If you introduce your to the website search feature you will likely find much more background info to your question than will be freshly posted here.

#1 there are pretty much no steel plates, with a few exceptions, they are all aluminum or plastics.

#2 As far as best geometry, you are correct that the steeper (0-20 degree kingpin plates will typically orient their trucks to swing at a more optimally shallow angle and give a better power stroke for speed.

#3 The steeper (30 degree) kingpin plates like the Avenger will turn further with less degrees of plate lean than the shallower action speed plate. This means that the track of your arc on turns can wiggle further as your precision of holding the correct plate lean slips off the mark. In addition, the Avenger DA45 type suspension tends to offer less stability near the neutral zone, since it carries much less of the skaters weight on the upper cushion. This causes the resistance to the initial truck swing away from neutral to me much lower than the shallower action typical speed plates - Reactor, Proline, and PowerTrac.

#4 Some skaters with good skills can still handle the more responsive DA45 suspension without any stability issues. Some can even get decent speed from them, but they still have built in design issues that make reaching and sustaining maximum speed more difficult for typical skaters.

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