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Originally Posted by JandKLarson View Post
I disagree with you assessment of the Advantage. I raced on quads "back in the day," on a Proline and had National medals. I decided to race Quads again last year. When I asked the person building my skates, dvw, what can I get, similar to a Proline, at a lower cost, but similar to a Proline, the answer was an Advantage. I won a National title on these plates last year (Classic 2-man relay). Like everything else in skating, and especially when talking about equipment, it is subjective and all about what works for any particular individual. But to flat out say that the Advantage is not good for speed??? You are wrong. It's a great plate for indoor speed. How about you come to Indoor Nationals in Lincoln this year and we put your theories to a test.... Again, I disagree with your opinion. But it's that, your opinion.
It is not really my theory that matters. You may also might find that I can build you a plate that will out perform your Avengers at this years Nationals. In the end, it is what works to give you the best race time.

As a nationally ranked skater you know the importance of skating low and having a wide stroke that allows feet to reach to the max. horizontally.

Ergonomically, the shallower action speed plate designs will have an advantage, since your ankle can lean further without turning the skate inward as much, which tends to abbreviate the full thrust of the power stroke. If you are still able to get what you feel is your stroke's full power down with Avenger plates, then great, but I suspect you would still be able to go faster with a shallower action plate design.

Until you freshly compare a fully optimized speed plate geometry with your current Avenger setup, you can't necessarily assume that the Avengers are the best for you. It is possible, but a fair comparison might be worth the effort.

What size boot/shoe are you?

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