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We can agree to disagree, I'm fine with that. Everything about the Avenger mimics a Speed Plate to me (it's design, it's weight, etc). Ever minor part of my indoor build and the adjustments I make to it (my bushing configuration, etc.) makes noticeable difference in the ways I'm hoping it will,when I making those adjustments. I'm not a NEWB. I've got over 2 decades under me in competitive speed skating/racing, so I think 'physical experience' and 'results' from such, will always trump what theoretical physics presumes to know or dictate.

By the way, I privately coach and train Derby players, and I'm very involved with my fiancee's team as a whole(most of you have heard me state this previously) and I 'tech' for her personally(and she's one of their most noted Jammers), and I've seen them ( the team) perform better (especially blockers/pivots) on a wider based plates (Like Artistic plates - i.e. SG Century plates, etc) with a lower degree KP (10*-17*) depending on the plate, and using a conical bushing set up with lower rated duro, than on plates like an Avenger or a Reactor or a Snyder.
Just sayin. I think it all comes down to; more than anything, to the personal preference of each skater. And that's really where all the difference lies. IMO

Much respect to ya 'dillo
swish, dillo will run u in circles and his rant sounds almost like yours, so watch out.....dillo can be a challenge to deal with.....
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