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Originally Posted by SwisherTONE View Post
Thas right Ely, and even more so, the plates initial design idea was based off of the Magnum (a DA45 plate) which was 100% designed and marketed as a Speed Plate.
You could say any newer DA45 plate is "based off" the design of any earlier model 45 degree action plate, since it only takes a 30 degree kingpin angle to produce an ~45 degree action. Then just add a set of DA trucks.

As for the Avenger being based on the Magnum, I am really not seeing this, and if it was true, it would be best kept quiet.

Yes, both come in white. Yes, both available in Mag. Yes, DA45 geometry for both (if Magnum gets the DA truck kit). Yes, both use absurd 3/8-20 BSF plate hole thread instead of 3//8-24. However, there are far more things very dissimilar, besides the SA-DA confusion, between the two different generation plates.

Magnum has a much more sculpted plate shape giving a bigger and more ergonomic foot platform. Avenger is much trimmer and very sharply angled & cornered.

Std. White Magnum used a crappy, fixed length, no-ball pivot, SA truck design with poorly finished cast trucks that, despite being magnesium, are not really very light. Avenger uses the slimmed down version of the original SG DA45 total boat anchor truck, with at least an adj. ball pivot, but it is still too heavy IMO.

Magnum used squishy pivot cups & no ball truck, which thoroughly chokes the truck action, while Avenger has the decent Delrin pivot cups, but then mates it up with the SG too-small pivot ball and matching too-small-to-fit-a-wrench-around integral hex.

Magnum placed the toe stop socket very close to the front axle - good for forward mounts. Avenger sticks the stop out further. True speed plated ignore toe stops.

So, to summarize, if the Magnum was "100% designed and marketed as a Speed Plate,' then aside from its mag material low weight, I really can't see where it would be considered much of a success in that category. If it was such a success, there would be heck of a lot more NTS models floating around these days, since serious speed skaters would more typically have avoided the toe stop version when Magnums were "succeeding" in the marketplace. SO where are all the NTS Magnums hiding?

If the Avenger plate design stands on the shoulders of the Magnum for its inspiration, then inspiration better mean seeing the shortcomings of a prior design and eliminating them for the next generation, because only in that role could the Magnum be much of an inspiration for designing a serious speed plate, which, IMO, the Avenger is clearly not.

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