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Originally Posted by fierocious1 View Post
I use the standard D/A 45 kit on my Magnums, it is a true fit for it as well as the Invaders, XK4 and some others too. No press pin though. There is a point that I keep seeing missed during all the discussions here. Cushions are one thing and Pivot Angle is another. One sets up primarily the plates reaction, the other slows it to make it controllable(cushions and kingpin angle actually). If you are talented and work your way through it, a D/A 45 can perform as good or better than just about any plate out there. An out of the box D/A 45 plate needs attention unless the skater skates on rock hard cushions tightened down so tight nothing moves...the absolute stupidest thing to do with any plate. I see this all the time, people not taking advantage of what the plate is designed for, turning and tuning to your liking.

Well said. Plain and simple and to the point. Your last sentence was KEY. Thus is why I really emphasize 'bushing configuration' (and I know that's still just a small part) but it's a well overlooked area of Tuning your entire skate to your liking and your skating advantage.


in regards to previous statements in this thread....

Some want to speak about stability and the fact that the 30* KP angle in the very well designed(IMO) DA45 chasis are not optimal for stability. And I say (in agreement) that yes, lesser angles on the KP will present a skater with a bit more stability while at high speeds, and that the 30* angled KP (D/A)will allow for a much better turning radius.... but people are not considering where the majority of racing is taking place

Important fact:
I've speed skated/raced competitively for years and I would have to say from experience that the majority of races are taking place on oval short track (indoor skate rinks) and maybe at times larger ovals (such as in warehouses) or on Hockey courts (in or outdoor). Speed skaters are skating 'ovals' or more oblong configurations; and when does a Speed Skater ever get to a 'speed' where 'instability' at speeds are a major issue??? NEVER. Not unless we're being pulled by an automobile at 40 miles per hour.

Unless it's someone who does time-trials or races on straight-a-ways; (which is not nearly as common); a speed skater is rarely in a 'straight' long enough, or at speeds nearly high enough to make even mediocre skate chasis "shake rattle and roll". Speed skaters are 'almost' always in a constant 'cross over'. And moreover, when the skater is in a cross over while turning, the inside skate (left skate - going counter clockwise) is almost in a constant flex-turn while skating the diamond. So now tell me how the 30* KP in a DA45 based plate (or any plate with a high angled KP) doesn't benefit the skater much more than the more upright angled KP's (10*, 12*, 15*, 17*, etc)??

It does. It makes perfect mechanical sense and perfect physical sense, and by my own experience, it makes for an amazing feature on a speed skate! (IMO)
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