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Originally Posted by sk8crazy View Post

TD suggested I post this question here. We'd like to skate the race course on Friday afternoon, but probably wouldn't be able to do so until 3:00 ish. TD has suggested that it may be too busy with traffic at that point and asked that I get your opinion as well. What is your experience with that area? And, are there bike lanes at the side of the road? If so, that could make a difference to us.

Thanks in advance.

With businesses getting out it would be pretty busy. Later would be fine. Not to diminish what Tom has said, but on the weekends if 6 cars pass us that's a lot. When a car is coming you can just stay far right and coast or take very narrow strides and you'll be fine. There is a narrow shoulder but it's enough to stay safe from the cars, unless they're deliberately trying to hit you. There is only one spot on the entire course that would require any mention as far as a hazard is concerned, and it's really not much. The course is in really great shape. I can't think of another course that has this good of pavement throughout. Maybe that race in D.C area or Squiggy. Hope this helps.
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