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Originally Posted by Mom Deb View Post
Everyone here seems so far ahead of me, but that is why I like this thread.
That's what everyone says when they first start posting here. Once they've been accepted in the training log cult, they mysteriously start getting better. Wait for it...

November 1

27 mile bike ride with the group - last one this year Nothing too exciting to tell about this one.

November 2

5k - Richard's Run for Life in Ybor city. Only did this run because Tryst has been bugging me to do another 5k. I had a pretty decent time for not running too much, 22:26. I got 2nd in my age group and another bizzare trophy to add to my collection. It's a little mess kit pot with a plaque inside it. Cool...

November 3

I was supposed to do indoor practice today but I refused to get up at 6am.

27 mile skate @ Flatwoods - met up with Mark accidently in the parking lot as he was refueling. I *thought* I had the right bathroom door when I skated up to it and started pounding on it and yelling "police". Unfortunately, Mark was in the other stall so I scared the living crap out of some poor guy. I hope he's not too pissed at me

Skate was awesome, ran into some skaters I know and met a couple of new ones. The weather was beautiful, in the 60's and sunny. Average hr 149 max 179
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