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Originally Posted by online inline View Post
i might be wrong about this (becuase i avoid skating in the rain), but i always thought that as soon as you compromise the lubricant, you are damaging the ball bearings. that means that even a few minutes of drenched bearings could wash out - or appreciably thin - the lube enough so that it is metal on metal, which will ruin your tolerances, and thereby diminishing performance. Once your bearings are wet, you're skating on borrowed time.
Water works as a lubricant and's just very runny and needs to be replenished constantly - no problem while the road is still wet. Dirt is more of a problem of course. And when you're on a longer tour and things are starting to dry, it's time for WD40 to get the water out.

BTW Jonas, the weather in Berlin is going to be excellent on Saturday, just like last year.
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