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Originally Posted by Dekindy View Post
I am improving all the time and trying new skills constantly.

I end every session feeling good about my skating.

Every session I expect to step on the rink and have a much higher feeling of initial comfort and confidence. Yet every session I start out tentatively and leaning forward like I did when I first started skating and feeling almost like I am just starting. Once I go through my drills I gradually start feeling more confidence and less reliant on two skates. But after a year I would have expected this aspect of my skating to have improved more.

My instructor tells me that even though he has skated for decades, starting as a youngster, it still takes him time to get "warmed up" and not to worry about it.

I could work on a lot more things before I get tired if it did not take so long to get my skating legs back!

Is there anything that I can do to get more comfortable on my skates much earlier in each session so that I can spend more time practicing harder skills and learning new skills? What is a reasonable warmup time?

I have been skating on the average 3 times a week for a year and taking lots of lessons under the watchful eye of a very good teacher.
I think that is normal, it does eventually go away though.
Is it possible to do longer sessions? Say three to 5 hours?
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